Rules of Classic Hearts


The goal of Hearts is to be the person with the least amount of points when one of the other players reaches 100 points.


At the end of a hand the hand score is tallied. In classic Hearts, each card in the hearts suit are worth 1 point each. There is one special card, the Queen of Spades, that is worth 13 points.

If one player takes ALL 13 hearts cards as well as the Queen of Spades, then a Moon shot has occurred. If a player “Shoots the moon”, instead of giving all those points to that player, it gives the same amount of points to each other player. A big reversal of fortune.

At the end of each hand if a player hasn’t reached 100 points an other hand is dealt.


After each hand is dealt, there is a passing phase, where players will be directed which way they will pass 2 cards from thier hand. Players should keep in mind somone will be passing to them as well.

The player that has the 2 of Clubs will lead the opening trick with that card.

Players must follow suit with the lead card if they have one. However if a player is void in that suit, they can play any card except a heart or Queen of Spades. The highest card of that suit ranked (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A) wins the trick.

In Hearts there are no trump suits. Players my not lead a heart until a heart card or Queen of Spades has been played. For example if a player is void in diamonds and that's the lead suit, they can play a heart. After that anyone can lead with the heart suit. The Queen of Spades can be led at any time.

The game can be expanded to full screen by clicking on the double arrow icon on the upper right.


Spot Hearts Rules

The Rules for Spot hard are pretty much the same as Classic Hearts. The difference is that the heart card points are their face value. For Example, the 10 of Hearts card is worth 10 points.

InstaHearts QuickPlay Rules

With the quickplay rules, instead of playing to 100 points, a player only plays one hand at a time until they have lost 3. Players have 3 lives (potions) which they lose one each time they lose a hand of Hearts. Lose 3 and the run is over. This is nice because a player doesn't have to play the game in one sitting and has less of a time commitment.

Scoring in quickplay is calculated by the total amount of points that you didn't take, whether you win the hand or not. All the points your oponents took will be added to your positive score for that hand. The more hands you win, however, the more hands will contribute to your final game score.